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The original idea for this story came to me over twenty years ago when I started writing screenplays and saw a documentary on Pangaea the Supercontinent.


I wanted to write a pure magic fantasy where humans fought over the use of the two types of magic described in this book, elemental and hex, and it still remains part of the central theme. But at its core, the stroy was going to center around a boy and his magic, living stick. Sounds silly, but if you end up reading Revelations, you'll see what I had (have) planned. While the Age of Immortals storyline altered my original plans, I still plan to tell the original storyline in a different age.


Anyway, I shelved the story (not wanting to sell the rights to it) in hopes that my other works would get my foot in the door somewhere, but the junk I wrote while saving my best ideas was received as just that, junk.

Fast forward twenty years later, give or take, I had surgery to help cure (almost) my sleep apnea and severe snoring, which also helped with my insomnia for the most part. Yes! I could think again. My creativity and thought processes started slowly coming back to me. My mind cleared off the cobwebs and I started think about writing screenplays again. (I also shut down my World of Warcraft account. That was a big help! Sorry Blizz, still love you!) Before I started writing though I wanted to check out the latest WoW release (I forget which), and while wasting time in Northrend I saw something that irrevocably changed the original story. I had seen them countless times before but this time I really saw them.

The Valkyries.

This time for some reason, they looked like Angels to me, and the bulb went off in my head. What if? What if they were the same thing in our ancient past? What if the two “myths” were actually one? What if they weren’t myths at all but our real past we had lost over the millions of years?
With that came the obvious Norse connections to the story, but I didn’t think it was enough. Not when I started replotting it, so I added other creation myths and events. And so, the Age of Immortals was born.


I researched other creation events and was left awed by the complexity and beauty of all of it. Not extreme vetting mind you, it’s a fantasy what if so I didn’t research any of it any further than I needed in order to tell the story.

The irony of the evolution of a story, of which one of its main themes is evolution, is a little funny to me. 

Finally, after twenty years, the Pangaea universe was ready to be born, and its story told.


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